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Core Programme

NYKS Core Programmes - 2019-20

Youth Club Development Convention at Block Level

This programme aims at forming New Clubs and strengthen existing network of Youth Clubs with representation from all sections of society. The platform will also be used for introducing and highlighting issues of youth concern which needs to be taken up jointly with the spirit of volunteerism.


Duration of the Convention : 1 Day

Level : Block

No. of Participants : Minimum 80-100 (male and female). 2-3 Youth Leaders from each of Youth Clubs from all parts of the block

Time Line : 2nd Quarter

Budget per Programme : Rs. 15,000/- (Funds should be utilized for making Tea & Snacks, Lunch, IEC material and other miscellaneous expenses).

No. of Programmes : Based on the criteria given in the following Table

No. of Programmes per District
Districts with 1-3 Blocks
Districts with 4-5 Blocks
Districts with 6-10 Blocks
Districts with 11-15 Blocks
Districts with 16 & above Blocks

No. of Persons/Members per programme : 10 members (NYV volunteers, active Youth Club members, Ex-NYVs and NSVs)

Action by District Youth Coordinators:

In order to implement the programme in an effective manner, District Youth Coordinators will initiate the following actions:

Implementation Strategy

Part-1 Formation of New Youth Clubs, Activation of Dormant Clubs, Profile updating and uploading on NYKS website

Part-2 Sharing and discussion on NYKS Annual Action Plan 2019-20 and Publicizing the National Flagship Schemes of Central Government for Financial and Social Inclusion and other Development Programs given under the Focus Areas of the Guidelines