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Core Programme

Annual Action Plan 2020-21: NYKS Core Programme

Youth Led Fit India Movement

Fit India Youth Clubs was launched by Shri Kiren Rijiju, Hon’ble Minister of State (I/C), Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Govt. of India on 15th August, 2020 through Webcast. Secretary (Youth Affairs) addressed NYKS field functionaries and volunteers to take up the programme in a mission mode approach and encourage people to adopt fitness as a way of life. Joint Secretary (Youth Affairs) and Director General, NYKS presented PPT on Fit India Freedom Run, Fit India Youth Clubs Registration, and the Action Plan.

Fit India Freedom Run

The aim is to popularize fitness and inculcate spirit of patriotism. NYKS field officials, COVID Volunteers, Members of NYKS affiliated Youth Clubs, Ganga Doots and NDRF trained youth volunteers should be encouraged to participate in Fit India Freedom Run.

Time Line - 15th August to 2nd October, 2020 and Beyond
Coverage - All Villages having NYKs affiliated Youth Clubs
Target - Each National Youth Volunteer (NYV) would cover 15 Villages
Participation - Motivate all Youth Club Members to Run each day for 60 minutes and further each Youth Club members to motivate 25-30 young people to run for 30 days
Promotion and Publicity - Hash tags : # Run4India and # New India Fit India
Reporting Outcome - Number of Youth Participated and Cumulative kilometers (distance in K.M) covered by Running Wide publicity through print and electronic media may be given. Social Media platform should also be used.

Fit India Youth Clubs Registration

Target: Registration of One Lakh Fit India Youth Club.

Each National Youth Volunteers (NYVs) be given target to register a minimum of 10 NYKs affiliated Youth Clubs as Fit India Youth Clubs.

It is utmost important to note that these Fit India Youth Clubs are to be registered only on the website of Fit India :

The process for online registration is very simple. Step-by step process to register Fit India Youth Clubs (both in Hindi and English) is given on this website. After successful registration, the Youth Club may Download the Certificate.

Certification Parameters for FIT INDIA YOUTH CLUBS

Time Line : Till 31st March 2021.

Fit India Movement Action Plan

Theme: Freedom from Lethargy to Live Healthy Life

Time Line: 15th August 2020 onwards

Coverage: One Lakh Villages of 623 Districts of all States and U.Ts in India

Target Audiences: All NYKS Officials, National Youth Volunteers, Youth Club’s Leaders, Members and COVID-19 Volunteers

Medium /Tools for Reaching Out:

Activities Part . 1 - Fitness @Home Fitness with Family

Activities: Yoga, Dance, Stretch, Skipping, Exercise, Aerobics, Kite Flying, Stair Case Climbing, Cleaning and other home bound activities which promote fitness

Activities Part. 2 – Selected Outdoors Fitness Events while following COVID-19 Safety Norms

Events/Activities: Jogging, Solo Run, Walk, Plogging, Cycling, Swimming, Dancing, acrobats, traditional games, limited group physical activities by following safety norms

Expected Outcome