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Core Programme

Annual Action Plan 2020-21: Focus Area Programme

Jal Jagran Campaign

"If we continue to treat water as a free or cheap resource that can be wasted, not even the best policies and technologies can help"

Prime Minister

National Water Mission’s (NWM) campaign“Catch The Rain” with the tagline “Catch the rain, where it falls, when it falls” is to nudge the states and stake-holders to create appropriate Rain Water Harvesting Structures (RWHS) suitable to the climatic conditions and sub-soil strata before monsoon.

Under this campaign, drives to make check dams, water harvesting pits, rooftop RWHS etc; removal of encroachments and de-silting of tanks to increase their storage capacity; removal of obstructions in the channels which bring water to them from the catchment areas etc; repairs to step-wells and using defunct bore-wells and unused wells to put water back to aquifers etc are to be taken up with the active participation of people.

Efforts should be made so that all buildings should have rooftop RWHS and that maximum quantity of rain water falling in any compound should be impounded within the compound itself. The basic aim should be that No or only limited water will flow out of the compound. This will help in improving soil moisture and raising ground water table. In urban areas it will reduce water gushing onto roads, damaging them and will prevent urban flooding.


Suggestive Actions

Collaborative Agencies

Expected Outcomes - Monitoring and Success Indicators

In order to provide support in realizing the objectives of Focus Area - Jal Jagran Campaign with the spirit of volunteerism, Core Programs viz. Training of Youth on Jal Jagran Abhiyan and Observance of Days of National Importance have been provided. SOP of these programmes is given in Chapter – 4. These Core Programs would enhance the capacity, level of awareness, understanding, leadership, motivation and skills of youth and thereby facilitate them in implementing focus areas activities in their respective villages with expected outcomes.

District Youth Coordinators should give target to NYVs to cover cluster of 25-30 Youth Clubs or as per the need. NYVs should guide and help the allotted villages Youth Clubs in finalizing their Action Plans for Focus Area - Jal Jagran Campaign in the proforma given at Annexure- 6, 6A and 6 B. NYVs should facilitate coordination and r egularly be in contact with the allotted Youth Clubs and motivate members of Youth Clubs, COVID volunteers and others to undertake above mentioned focus area activities on voluntary basis in their respective villages.