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Q. 1 What is Youth Club and Who can form Youth Club ?
Reply : Youth Club is an association of youth who are striving towards the achievement of common goals and objectives. It is formed, managed and run by youth themselves for the growth and development of youth in particular and the community in general.

Q. 2 Why Youth Club ?
Reply : Youth Club provides a platform for the youth in a particular area to come together, meet, discuss and plan activities for their own development as well as that of the society. Youth being the major human resource, their energies and potential should be channelized and mobilized for development of the nation through formation of Youth Clubs. Youth Clubs empower the youth.

Q. 3 What is the process of affiliation of the Youth Club with Nehru Yuva Kendra and Time Line?
Reply : Duly formed Youth Club may apply for affiliation along with the Memorandum of Association, Bye-laws, proceedings of the General Body meeting and list of members to NYK office. The Youth Clubs can affiliate themselves through an online process through NYKS website or may download application form and can submit Offline to concerned District NYK.

The NYK will, after verification of all the mandatory documents, may issue Affiliation Certification and a unique number to the Youth Club. The affiliation is reviewed periodically by NYK.

If the Youth Club is already registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860 or other corresponding Act of the State, the Youth Club will be affiliated with district Nehru Yuva Kendra within seven days of filling up the online Affiliation Form.
In case the Youth Club is not registered as mentioned above, the District NYK will make physical verification of the Youth Club and on satisfaction of the eligibility criteria, the Youth Club will be affiliated with district Nehru Yuva Kendra within 30 days of filling up the online Affiliation Form.

As soon as the Youth Club will be affiliated by District Youth Coordinator, the user name and password will be sent to the applicant Youth Club on e-mail as provided in address details. Using this User Name and Password, the Youth Club can login by clicking “Already Registered; Login” After successful login the Youth Club will find the following Screen and can print the Letter Head of Youth Club, Visiting Card of individual Members and Affiliation certificates

Q. 4 What are the key points for Sustaining Youth Club?

  • Follow the guidelines as per bye-laws and Memorandum of Association such as regular elections, maintaining books of records and conducting meetings.
  • Renew annual membership of the Youth Club and affiliation with NYK and other organization.
  • Involve all sections of the community in the Youth Club.
  • Identify and make a list of activities in consultation with all members as per their field/actual needs.
  • Participate in all programmes conducted by various departments at village, block and district level for youth development.
  • Formulate and implement action plans of Youth Clubs and maintain the records and prepare reports.
  • Ensure effective convergence with Government Departments/Developmental Agencies/Non Government Organizations.
  • Network with like-minded community based organizations.
  • Take active part in Gram Sabha of Panchayat and develop second line of leadership to keep the Youth Club active and their zeal alive.

Q. 5 What is the Management of Youth Club ?
Reply : In order to manage the Youth Club effectively, it need to have a Memorandum of Association, Byelaw, properly elected General Body, Executive Committee and other Subcommittees. The election of office bearers should be done in a democratic manner.

Q. 6 Why affiliate Youth Club with NYKS
Reply : After affiliation the Youth Club would become eligible to participate, partner and access the services provided by NYKS. Once a Youth Club is affiliated with NYK, the magnitude of programmes available for the Youth Club increases and they can be part and parcel of the NYK sponsored activities. Broadly it can be divided into following categories FOR benefitting the youths towards their individual development and programmes benefitting the community. On the basis of financial resource support or technical support to organize and activity, the programmes of a Youth Club can be classified into:
1. NYK funded Core Programmes
2. Projects in collaboration with Central and State Government Development Departments, NGOs, and other funding organizations
3. Activities in Collaboration with Local Self Government Institutions like Gram Panchayat, Municipality, Corporation etc. and
4. Innovative activities through Local Resource Mobilization
5. Participation in youth exchange programs; Adventure Camps, State and National level Integration programs, Festivals, Yuva Kritis across the country.

Q. 7 What are the Self Assessment Tool for Youth Club?
Reply : The functioning of Youth Club is not uniform everywhere. Some Youth Clubs are very active and are involved in multifaceted activities, whereas some engage only in sports or in arts. After one year of its existence, the Youth Clubs needs to assess itself to know where its stands and understand its strength and weakness. This will help the Youth Club to correct itself and work effectively.

Q. 8 Programs which Youth Clubs may take up

  • Linking Youth Club Members with Employable Skill Development Trainings
  • Formation of SHGs
  • Sapling Plantation and their survival
  • Blood Donation
  • Enrollment of Voluntary Blood Donors and their Blood Grouping
  • Motivated Girls and their Parents to postpone her marriage till attaining 18 yrs.
  • Immunization of Pregnant Mothers
  • Facilitated Institutionalized Deliveries
  • Immunization of Children (0-5 yrs)
  • Cataract (Eye) operations
  • Providing access of iron Folic Acid Tablet to Adolescent Girls
  • Health Check-up Camps (DOTs, Hypertension, Diabetics and others)
  • Collection of Polythene Bags to generate awareness and facilitate in protecting environment
  • Enrolment of children in schools
  • Motivation resulting into construction of Toilets
  • Facilitating into getting Voters ID Cards
  • Other Programmes as per local need and priority may please be added in the Plan with targets

Q. 9 What could be the Probable Areas where Youth Clubs may involve themselves
The well aware, informed and motivated rural youth from NYKs Youth Clubs can involve themselves in the following broad areas and field:

  • Survey and data collection on village situation and it be specific on a given subject area wherein the government want to have intervention or wish to access the impact of the implemented program.
  • Publicity and popularization of Govt. of India and State Programs meant for welfare, development and incentives for the people
  • Watch Dogs for providing access to services, their proper distribution (PDS) & proper utilization by the concerned
  • Social Pressure Groups on service providers and for time bound & prompt services
  • Facilitate Gram Panchayat in developing joint plan of action and ensure their role in the process of decision making, implementation and monitoring
  • Building enabling environment & advocacy for girls / women empowerment and development activities
  • Peace keeping, promoting volunteerism, brotherhood & communal harmony volunteers
  • Volunteers for helping villagers at the time of crises and calamities
  • Social Action initiatives in villages which can voluntarily be taken by joint village community participation and action
  • Community Work Camps
  • Addressing Drug Abuse and Alcoholism, HIV/AIDS

Q. 10 Number of Youth Clubs affiliated with District Nehru Yuva Kendras in the country?
Reply : As per the Youth Club data collection exercise carried out during the 2012-13, the total number of Youth Club are 2.62 lakhs as on August 2013.

Q. 11 How to form a Youth Club
Entry point activity is vital during the formation of a youth club. The youth worker before venturing to form a Youth Club in a particular village, slum or urban locality, he/she should study the area thoroughly. The Study includes the geography, Socio-economic scenario, Social and political dynamics, presence of various vested interest groups or other agencies and the issues and concerns of the area; particularly of youths. The youth worker should identify the elders in the community, who can influence the youth of that area. It can be Village Pradhan, Panchayat members, School teacher, Post Master, Anganvadi workers or any other person of repute in the area.

The youth may get in touch with the public opinion leaders of the community and discuss with him/her about the need and advantage of having a youth club in the area and convince them about the cause. With the help of the public opinion leader a meeting of the youths can be convened and the idea of the youth club may be discussed.
In order to start a youth club, the easiest way is to identify and start an activity or organize a programme of urgent need in the community. The activity or programme planned should be the one which addresses the genuine and a long standing need of the community. During the meeting with public opinion leaders and youth, participatory rural appraisal technique can be adopted to find out the problems of the community and the youth. Social mapping also will be helpful. By organizing a programme, which helps in solving the problems of the community, Youth worker can gain the confidence and trust of community and can prove the credibility. Credibility, trust, faith and confidence are the buzzwords for a youth worker to start up a youth club.

Teachers, doctors, village level Panchayat functionaries, ICDS functionaries, ex-servicemen, PRI members, public representatives, social workers, health workers, etc. may be involved at the first meeting for formation of the youth club.
The steps in the Formation of a Youth Club can be summed up as:

Step 1

  • Studying the community, its socio-economic political scenario and various social and group dynamics
  • Social mapping of the community
  • Identifying the public opinion leaders and building a rapport with him/her
  • Identifying the issues and concerns of the community especially of the youth
  • Convene a meeting of the youth with the help of the public opinion leader and use the techniques of brainstorming and PRA for understanding the problems and prioritizing the problems
  • Even though the turnout is small, do not loose heart and start with the few
  • Continue dialogue with the youths and through that with the community and develop a common understanding on the work to be undertaken and involve more and more people
  • Concentrate on the deprived and marginalized section in the community. Pay special attention to the differently-abled people
  • Propagate the idea of forming a youth club and allow the idea to percolate down and give room for wider discussions
  • Organize the entry point activity and strengthen confidence building measures
  • Call meeting of the community members including elders and women, Personal initiative is required to involve and motivate all sections of the society to participate in the meeting
  • Present the proposal before the meeting and allow thorough discussion. The youth worker should be prepared enough to answer all the queries
  • Once the members are convinced about the need of forming a youth club, an ad-hoc committee for youth club may be formed from among the youth activists who are vocal, forceful and enthusiastic
  • In consultation with elders in the community a place may be located for the office of the youth club
  • In the meantime, youth workers may discuss with the Youth Coordinator of the district and brief him about the plans and seek his/her help and advice to formalize a youth club

Step 2

  • Launch a membership campaign in the community and enroll all the youths (Male/Female) in the age group of 13-35. Special attention to be given to enroll youths in the deprived sections and differently abled
  • The members of the ad-hoc committee may be given targets for enrollment, depending upon the size youth population
  • Convene a meeting of all the enrolled members on an appropriate date suitable for the youth coordinator and village head/leaders. The main agenda will be election of office bearers of the youth club

Step 3

  • Youth worker should brief the meeting about the procedure of election, various office bearers, their duties and responsibilities, composition of executive committee, General Body, its responsibilities etc.
  • The election of office bearers may be conducted by adopting democratic principles, on majority vote
  • Female Youth also may be given adequate representation, say on the basis of the percentage of membership
  • Members from downtrodden and deprived groups and differentially abled may also be given preference among the office bearers
  • An executive committee and various sub committees may be elected
  • An advisory committee may be formed by involving the elders of the community
  • The office bearers should be in the age group of 18-35 only

Step 4

  • The executive committee may develop a memorandum of association, rules and regulations and code of conduct for the youth club. After the executive committee approves the Memorandum of association, Rules and Regulations, the General Body may be convened and approve the same
    Step 5
  • Apply for the registration of the youth club under Societies Registration Act, 1860 or other corresponding Act
  • Apply for the affiliation of the Youth Club with the District Nehru Yuva Kendra.

Q12 Mandatory Documents for Affiliation

  • Memorandum of Association, By laws
  • Proceedings of the General Body Meeting
  • List of Office Bearers and Members
  • Account in a Bank or Post Office

Q13 Optional Documents for Affiliation

  • Registration Certificate (if the Youth Club already registered under Societies
  • Registration Act, 1860 or other corresponding Act of the State)

Q14 Advantages of registration under Societies Registration Act

  • After registration under Society’s Registration Act 1860 or any Correspondence Act of the State, Youth Clubs become Legal Entity.
  • Youth Clubs are entitled for making financial transactions.
  • Only Registered Youth Clubs are entitled for getting Grant-in-aid from Govt. and other funding agencies.
  • Can open their Account in Banks.
  • Have their Memorandum of Association (MOA) and run their club according to the articles of MOA
  • Can get donation in cash and kind (land, building, training machines and tools, sports and cultural material, etc.) legally and get ownership of land building and other assets.
  • Are entitled to get Income Tax exemption and benefits under Income Tax Act and FCRA
  • Registered Youth Clubs earn trust of public and Governments.
  • Registered Youth Clubs are more credible in the eyes of public and Governments.