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Core Programme

NYKS Core Programmes - 2019-20

Promotion of Sports

It has following three components:

a) Sports Material to Youth Clubs


Implementation Strategy

The Sports material should be distributed in such a manner that all the Youth Clubs may get sports material after an interval of 4-5 years or so.

The application may be invited from interested Youth Clubs in the format given at Annexure – 10, should be compiled in the format at Annexure – 11 and list of selected Youth Clubs for Sports Material may be prepared in Annexure - 12.

No. of Youth Clubs to be provided Sports Material support: Based on the number of Blocks in the district as per criteria given in the following Table.

Category No. of Youth Clubs to be provided Sports Material support Amount( in Rs.) @ Rs. 4,000/- per Youth Club
Districts with 1-3 Blocks 20 80,000
Districts with 4-5 Blocks 20 80,000
Districts with 6-10 Blocks 25 1,00,000
Districts with 11-15 Blocks 30 1,20,000
Districts with 16 & above Blocks 35 1,40,000

In the Sports Kit, Footballs should also be given

Sports material per Youth Club - Rs. 4,000 per Youth Club

Time Line:

The purchase would be made while following GFR and Codal formalities and distributed to selected Youth Clubs (as per allocation indicated above), during any Important Day Celebration, District Youth Convention or Important Public Function in the presence of VIPs, including people’s representatives (Hon’ble Ministers/MPs/MLAs and others mentioned in the guidelines). The sports material would be distributed amongst the selected Youth Clubs well before the organization of sports tournaments.

Purchase Committee

b & c. Block and District level Sports Meet

Under the Promotion of Sports, there is a provision for the organization of sports tournaments both at Block and District levels. The provision for purchase of sports material has also separately been made and mentioned above.

The theme of the programme would be Youth Signify Sportsman Spirit. NYKS endeavour in this regard to promote sports activities among rural youth, facilitate the process to produce sports personalities and to identify rural talent in different areas of rural sports, who can further be nurtured for excellence by other designated departments.


Level of Tournaments:

No. of Programmes

Based on the existence of DYC in a district as per criteria given in the following table:

District NYKs having DYCs  Block Level  District Level
No. of Sports Meets  Amount ( in Rs.) @ Rs. 18,000/- per Youth Club No. of Sports Meets Amount (in Rs.) @Rs. 30,000/- per district level Meet
Districts with 1-3 Blocks 1 18,000/- 1 30,000/-
Districts with 4-5 Blocks 4 72,000/- 1 30,000/-
Districts with 6-10 Blocks 5 90,000/- 1 30,000/-
Districts with 11-15 Blocks 8 1,44,000/- 1 30,000/-
Districts with 16 & above Blocks 9 1,62,000/- 1 30,000/-

Time Line (may be revised keeping in view the climatic condition & other difficult situations):

Identification of Sports Disciplines at various levels:

In addition to Group events, individual games should be conducted at the block and district level sports events. The sports and games would be selected among the following or other local popular sport/game.

Group Events  
Footbal Kabaddi Tug of War Hockey
Handball Basketbal Volleyball Khokho
Individual Events
Athletics Wrestling (Indian style) Archery (Indian style) Swimming
Gymnastics Badminton Table Tennis Cycling
Wt.Lifting Wushu Taekwondo Boxing
Local Traditional Games
Camel Race Bullock Cart Race Martial Art e.g. Gatka, Malkhamb, Atya Patya Kalaripayattu, Silambam, Thang-ta, etc.



No. of participants and Youth Clubs:

Implementation Strategy

The winners of the Block level tournaments will compete in the same items at the district level tournaments

Budget utilization pattern

Head Block level District Level
Amount (in Rs.) Amount (in Rs.)
Sports equipments, track & field management and Prizes for the winners (as per actual requirement) 10,000/- 15,000/-
Organizational and contingent expenses including Tea & Snacks and Refreshment for Participants and meet officials, Photography, PA System, Certificates, etc. 8,000/- 15,000/-
Total 18,000/- 30,000/-