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Core Programme

NYKS Core Programmes - 2019-20

Training on Youth Leadership and Community Development (TYLCD)

It is widely observed that when the personality, character and moral building opportunities are provided to youth on one hand and equipped with basic qualities of leadership on the other hand, assume responsibility and take lead in addressing village situations and also act as catalytic agents for the development of their village communities. The programme will also provide rural youth an opportunity to come together, share their experiences, exchange ideas and take up community welfare and Nation Building activities. It is one of the Flagship program of NYKS, therefore, should be organized with due diligence and seriousness. With this premise, NYKS intends to undertake this programme.


Broad Areas

Following are the broad areas which shall be covered under this programme and with focus on the areas identified in this document. However, they can further be improved in consultation with local resource persons and experts in the areas of youth leadership and community development.

Youth will be motivated to engage in the Focus Areas as this would give them the joy to work for others. Trained youth will assume local leadership in community development and social welfare activities.

Eminent resource persons will be invited to interact with youth on the issues of patriotism, moral values, character building, respect for dignity of females, national security and integrity as well as following topics for their overall development.

Suggestive Contents

District NYKs should prepare schedule of activities for every day. This should also have timing for breakfast, lunch, dinner, campfire, cultural activities.

Duration: 03 days Residential program ( 2 Nights Halt Mandatory)

No. of participants per Programme :

No. of programmes in a district : 02 per district

Time Line : June, 2019 to September, 2019

Implementation Strategy

Methodology :

The approach of the Training on Youth Leadership and Community Development would be participatory. The following suggestive methodologies should be adopted while undertaking the Training Programmes:

Budget per Programme

Particulars Amount (in Rs.)
Boarding & Lodging Rs. 300/- per head per day (300 x 40 x 3)
Travelling Allowance subject to actual with a ceiling of Rs. 150/- per head(150x40)
Resource Material (200x40)
Honorarium to Resource Persons (Rs. 1000 per person for 9 Sessions – 3 per day or as per the need)

Major Tasks expected from trained Youth Leaders