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Kashmiri Youth Exchange Programme

Kashmiri Youth Exchange Programme

''Kashmiriyat, Jamhooriyat aur Insaniyat’ (social consciousness and cultural values of the Kashmiri people, democracy, and humanity), he said, “I will like to follow these three mantras which are the pillars of development of Kashmir. Sufi tradition has emerged from this land and this tradition has taught us oneness and strength of unity''.

Shri Narendra Modi, Hon'ble Prime Minister of India


The Youth are vibrant and major human resources for strengthening democracy and development, and thus key agents for social and economic transformation of a country. There is a need for larger Youth involvement and participation in the socio-economic, cultural and political environment of the country and its development process.

The role and responsibility of the youth in Kashmir Valley is tremendous. They are the pride of the nation and considered as the real assets. They have innovative ideas and opinions. They have the capacities and capabilities of bringing positive changes in the working system of the State. However, in the present scenario, what they need is right direction that helps them to identify their strength and understand the vision they hold for the State of Jammu and Kashmir and their motherland – the India.

The fragile socio-political landscape, affected by continuing violent conflict and instability, has created a deep sense of uncertainty amongst the local population, particularly the youth. Kashmiri youth have grown up in this adverse environment and have faced tremendous stress. NYKS programme thus aims to fight the feeling of desperation, anger and helplessness is largely prevalent among them.

Kashmir Valley is facing multifarious problems due to sponsored terrorism and the youth sways away owing to a variety of reasons. A major reason behind youth getting involved in radical activities is the lack of access to various opportunities for their overall development.

What has now become increasingly important is to provide safe spaces to youth, mobilize, organize and channelize their energies towards their mainstreaming and partnership in Nation Building activities.

Government is taking several important measures for development process and peace initiatives in Kashmir Region.

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